Usage Recommendation
Use it, but don't rely on it.

  • WIDTH: how wide the marquee is
  • HEIGHT: how tall the marquee is
  • DIRECTION: which direction the marquee should scroll
  • BEHAVIOR: what type of scrolling
  • SCROLLDELAY: how long to delay between each jump

<MARQUEE ...> creates a scrolling display. <MARQUEE ...> is an MSIE extension and will probably never be supported by any other browser. <MARQUEE ...> is often regarded as one of the "evil" tags, and that perception alone might be enough reason to not use it. However, used lightly and with taste (and understanding that it will never render everywhere), <MARQUEE ...> isn't such a bad tag. It can work well for announcements.

The basic use of <MARQUEE ...> is simple. Put most any kind of markup between <MARQUEE ...> and </MARQUEE>.

Hi there!

Hi there! <MARQUEE ...> is a text level element. By default <MARQUEE ...> has a WIDTH of 100%, so it might appear as a block level. However, if you set the width to something smaller than 100%, you might notice that the marquee is in line with the surrounding text.

Hi there!

Hi there! <MARQUEE ...> does not start scrolling until the <MARQUEE ...> element becomes visible.