HTML <OL ...>

Usage Recommendation
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  • TYPE: type of numerals
  • START: where to start counting

<OL ...> creates an ordered list. "Ordered" means that the order of the items in the list is important. To show this, browsers automatically number the list. Note in this example that the HTML does not give any numbers: the numbers are automatically made by the browser (which makes it easy on you the author).

This Code Makes This
<LI>Take 495 north
<LI>Cross the 14th Street Bridge
<LI>Take the Maine Avenue exit
<LI>Turn left at the first light
  1. Take 495 north
  2. Cross the 14th Street Bridge
  3. Take the Maine Avenue exit
  4. Turn left at the first light

You can create lists within lists using <OL ...>. Each nested list starts counting at 1 (or at the value of START).

<OL TYPE="..."> >