Usage Recommendation
Use it if you use <APPLET ...>

  • NAME: name of the parameter
  • VALUE: value of the parameter

Parameters are how you give details about how an applet should run. You use <PARAM ...> to communicate parameters. For example, if you want to tell MyApplet what text to display, you use the TEXT parameter.

This Code Makes This
<APPLET CODE="MyApplet.class" HEIGHT=50 WIDTH=100>

The <PARAM ...> tag in the above example simply says TEXT="Hey Dude". This method of assigning a name with one attribute and a value with another is a way of bridging the gap between the worlds of HTML and Java.

Here's what each piece means:

This is a parameter to pass to MyApplet.
The name of the parameter to pass is "TEXT"
VALUE="Hey Dude"
The value of the "TEXT" parameter is "Hey Dude".

<PARAM NAME="..."> >