Usage Recommendation
Use it if you use <EMBED ...>

<NOEMBED> provides content for browsers that do not support embedded objects. For example, if you wanted to allow your reader to hear a piece of music, you could embed a MIDI plugin in the page, and for readers whose browsers do not support <EMBED ...> you could link directly to the MIDI inside <NOEMBED>.

For example, the following code uses <NOEMBED> to provide a link to a MIDI of the 1812 overture. Remember: if your browser supports <EMBED ...> than you won't see the contents of <NOEMBED>.

This Code Makes This

The 1812 Overture: 
<A HREF="/sounds/1812over.mid">1812 Overture</A>
The 1812 Overture: <A TARGET="_top" HREF="/sounds/1812over.mid">1812 Overture</A>

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