Usage Recommendation
Use <INPUT ...> instead.

  • TYPE: what type of button is this
  • onClick: script to run when the user clicks here
  • NAME: name of this button element
  • VALUE: the value sent with the form

<BUTTON ...> creates a button. Unlike <INPUT ...>, <BUTTON ...> is a container which allows you to put regular HTML contents in the button, including text and pictures. Unfortunately, <BUTTON ...> does not degrade well, and so at this time it's best to stick with <INPUT ...>.

This Code Makes This
<IMG SRC="/graphics/sfsmile.gif" HEIGHT=97 WIDTH=105
 ALT="Starflower" ALIGN="ABSMIDDLE">

(Form is not live)

By default, <BUTTON ...> creates a plain button, much like <INPUT TYPE=BUTTON>. With the TYPE attribute, <BUTTON ...> can also create submit and reset buttons. The HTML code put between <BUTTON ...> and </BUTTON> isnot the value sent with the form. The value of the button determined by the <INPUT VALUE="..."> attribute.

<BUTTON TYPE="..."> >