Usage Recommendation
Use it, but don't rely on it.

  • SRC: what file to put in the frame
  • NAME: the name of the frame
  • SCROLLING: should the frame have a scrollbar?
  • NORESIZE: don't let the user make the frame bigger or smaller

<FRAME ...> sets a single frame in the framed page. <FRAME ...> always goes inside a <FRAMESET ...> element. The SRC attribute, which is required, indicates the URL of the page that goes in the frame. In most situations you should also use NAME to give the frame a name so that links can target the frame.

For example, this code creates a frameset with two frames. The first <FRAME ...> loads the file frame1_title.html into a frame named TITLE. The second<FRAME ...> loads the file frame1_body.html into a frame named MAIN.

This Code Makes This
<FRAME SRC="frame1_title.html" NAME="TITLE">
 <FRAME SRC="frame1_body.html" NAME="MAIN">
this page

<FRAME SRC="..."> >