HTML Inset Boxes using <IFRAME ...>

The most popular use of <IFRAME ...> is for creating "inset boxes", much like those found in newspapers and magazines. Insets boxes are popular for small mini-articles tagentially related to the main page. For example, this code puts an inline frame on the page, and provides a link for non-IFRAME browsers:

 WIDTH=275 HEIGHT=200 
<TABLE ALIGN=RIGHT border="1" bordercolor="#CBD3E1" bgcolor="#F1F4F5" CELLPADDING=5>
<TR><TD>See the article on 
<A HREF="BeaverHabitat.html">Stuff about the Beaver</A></TD></TR>

which produces this inline frame (or table, or just a link): note that we use ALIGN to set the frame aligned to the right side and to have text flow around it.

<IFRAME SRC="..."> >