Usage Recommendation
Use it if you use <MAP ...>

  • HREF: URL you are linking to
  • ALT: alternate text if the image isn't displayed
  • SHAPE: what shape is this area?
  • COORDS: coordinates for the link area shape
  • TITLE: Short description of the area

Looking for info on how to make an image map? - See our tutorial How to Make an image Map

<AREA ...> defines a single area within an image map. <AREA ...> requires the SHAPE and ALT attributes. In most cases also requires the HREF attribute to indicate the page the area points to.

<MAP NAME="map1">
 HREF="contacts.html" ALT="Contacts" TITLE="Contacts" 
 SHAPE=RECT COORDS="6,116,97,184">
 HREF="products.html" ALT="Products" TITLE="Products" 
 SHAPE=CIRCLE COORDS="251,143,47">
 HREF="new.html" ALT="New!" TITLE="New!" 
 SHAPE=POLY COORDS="150,217, 190,257, 150,297,110,257">
<IMG SRC="testmap.gif" 
 ALT="map of GH site" BORDER=0 WIDTH=300 HEIGHT=300
[ <A HREF="contacts.html" ALT="Contacts">Contacts</A> ]
[ <A HREF="products.html" ALT="Products">Products</A> ]
[ <A HREF="new.html" ALT="New!">New!</A> ]

which gives us this map:

<AREA HREF="..."> >