HTML <IMG ...>

Usage Recommendation
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  • SRC: where to get the picture
  • ALT: text to show if you don't show the picture
  • NAME
  • LONGDESC: URL of a long description of the image
  • WIDTH: how wide is the picture
  • HEIGHT: how tall is the picture
  • ALIGN: how text should flow around the picture
  • BORDER: border around the picture
  • HSPACE: horizontal distance between the picture and the text
  • VSPACE: vertical distance between the picture and the text
  • ISMAP: is this a clickable map?
  • USEMAP: name of the map definition
  • LOWSRC: a version of the picture that isn't such a big file
  • NATURALSIZEFLAG: meaningless
  • NOSAVE: meaningless
  • DYNSRC: play a movie file
  • CONTROLS: show the buttons which control the movie
  • LOOP: how many times to loop the movie
  • START: when to start playing the movie
  • onLoad: script to runs after the image is downloaded
  • SUPPRESS: Don't show icons of images that haven't downloaded yet

Starflower <IMG ...> puts an image on the web page. <IMG ...> requires two attributes: SRC and ALT.ALT is always required in <IMG ...> -- don't make the common mistake of leaving it out. See The Rules of ALT for more details.

This Code Makes This
<IMG SRC="starflower.gif" ALT="Starflower">

<IMG SRC="..."> >