HTML Popup Windows:scrollbars

scrollbar in a popup window By default popups don't have scroll bars. This is a problem if the content of the popup takes up more space than the first page. It's usually a good idea to set the popup with scroll bars. set the popup with scroll bars by setting the scrollbars property to yes.

So, for example, this open() command in the popup script opens a popup with scrollbars:, windowname, 'width=400,height=150, scrollbars=yes');

which gives us this popup.

In situations where a scrollbar isn't actually needed because the content doesn't fill up even a single window, MSIE and Netscape handle things a little differently. MSIE puts a greyed out scroll bar, Netscape doesn't put any scroll bar at all. Neither of them puts a horizontal scroll bar in the window if it is not needed.

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