Usage Recommendation
Use this tag conservatively if at all. It's very easy to annoy people with background sounds.

  • SRC: URL of the sound
  • LOOP: how many times to play the sound

Before you read any further about this tag, please read the section about background sounds, which discusses how to combine this tag (which Netscape doesn't understand) with a Netscape-friendly <EMBED ...> tag.

<BGSOUND ...>, MSIE, tells the browser to play a particular sound when the page is loaded.

This Code Makes This
<BGSOUND SRC="helloo.wav">
the background sound on this page

This tag was the cause of some annoyance for users of MSIE versions 1 and 2 because it could not be turned off, but the STOP button now stops the playing.

<BGSOUND SRC="..."> >