HTML Codes

HTML Codes
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Break the <FONT> Habit
Setting the Font of the Whole Page
Fonts in Tables
Font Family
Font Size
Font Weight
Font Color
Font Style

<FONT ...>
<B> Bold
<I> Italics
<S> Strikeout
<STRIKE> Strikeout
<U> Underline
<TT> Teletype
<SUB> Subscript
<SUP> Superscript

Break the <FONT> Habit next page
In this section we'll talk about setting the fonts in your page: making them bigger, smaller, bolder, and different colors. Fonts are one of the most important visual elements of your page and if you're like most web designers you'll want to set a few fonts in every page.

Unfortunately, fonts have had a way of taking over the code in your page. Attempts to set fonts with the notorious <FONT ...> tag has resulted in bloated difficult code.

Break the <FONT> Habit , a tutorial starting on the next page, will make your life easier. It will help you break out of the old bad ways and move on to easier, simplified font techniques.

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