HTML Codes

Design better web sites by improving your knowledge of HTML. We offer a 818 page HTML tutorial, including a complete guide to HTML codes and tags, FREE OF CHARGE!


HTML Tutorials

  • Anchors and Links - Describes a wide variety of linking techniques, from your basic anchor to popup windows.
  • Applets - An applet is a miniature program that you embed right into your web page.
  • Character Entity References - Character Entities References are the way you put special letters, numbers and symbols on the web page.
  • CSS - Cascading Style Sheets - Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a simple mechanism for adding style (e.g. fonts, colors, spacing) to web documents.
  • Document Tags - Document tags define the overall structure of an HTML document.
  • Embedded Objects - Describes how to use the <EMBED ...> tag to embed plugins into the web page.
  • Fonts - Setting the fonts in your page: making them bigger, smaller, bolder, and different colors.
  • Forms - Tutorial in how to put forms on your web page, how to include scripts, and some other common forms concepts.
  • Frames - Frames allow you to divide the page into several rectangular areas and to display a separate document in each rectangle.
  • HTML Quick list - A huge list of the most common HTML tags with direct links to the pages explaining them.
  • Ignore-Me Code - These tags define different ways of telling the browser to ignore sections of code, or to treat the code as plain text, not as HTML.
  • Images - Discusses how to use the ALT attribute with your images.
  • Lines and Paragraphs - Describes HTML associated with lines and paragraphs.
  • Lists - HTML provides a whole set of tags just for lists.
  • Logical Tags - Logical tags allow the browser to render that information in the manner most appropriate for that browser.
  • Popup Window Tutorial - Walks you step-by-step through creating popup windows, including giving you a complete set of copy-and-paste JavaScript code.
  • Scripts - Discusses how to use the <SCRIPT ...> tag for putting scripting in your web page.
  • Sounds - Discusses how to add sound to your web pages.
  • Tables - Tutorial on creating basic tables and a complete reference to all table related markup.
  • Weird Tags - Discusses a couple of weird proprietary tags created by Netscape and MSIE.
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